The POWER of words.

It’s absolutely crazy to think just 26 letters from the alphabet can evoke certain feelings and emotions. The best writers don’t get additional letters but rather they know how to arrange words together to make the perfect sentence. A perfect sentence is a sentence that has been thoughtfully considered with each word holding its own … More The POWER of words.


Hmmm, tough question. Is this answer supposed to be a yes or no response? Are you allowed to say what is actually going on in your life or do you simply reply with “Yea, I’m good. How about you?” That response is EXTREMELY vague, but it’s subtly masked with a mysterious backstory. Sometimes to be … More R U OK?

I LOVE this book!

I don’t normally have a “favourite book” but honestly this is hands down my most favourite read thus far 😍. Everything is articulated in a complex yet clever manner with thought-provoking concepts. Not only does it expand your consciousness but it really hammers on about “the egoic-self.” Some of the things that were written in … More I LOVE this book!