Flawed & impeccably imperfect

I’m so flawed. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes unintentionally and sometimes because of my lazy, intentional inaction. I’ve let down people when I know it’s the wrong thing to do. I have felt self-conscious & weak. Sometimes I have been the cause of others to feel sad without even knowing that my actions made them feel that way. I’m sorry to myself and others.

Sometimes I must say I’m sorry because I know it’s the right thing to do, even when I may not be in the wrong.

But then this got me thinking- why do we expect so much from others when we fail to achieve our own expectations?

  • How can we expect others to hold our trust when we may not even trust ourselves?
  • How can we expect others to love us if we don’t love ourselves first?
  • Why do we expect others to understand us 100% when we can’t even understand ourselves?
  • Why should we expect others to put ourselves first when we don’t expect ourselves to feel like number 1?

So many things we expect to be fulfilled by the externals but it’s our inner internal soul that needs reassurance.

Your perfect self shines when your heart is filled with joy

Preaching is one thing and doing is another. I may preach positivity but I am not perfect. I try to foster a cushion of positivity knowing that one day if my internal self needs that extra hug then I have left a trail of love to reflect on.

I don’t want to expect things from others, especially if I don’t see myself doing it for myself. Saying I don’t doesn’t mean its actuality but it’s a start.

I want to see my faults for faulting others is the worst fault I can harbour.

So I’m sorry to myself and I’m sorry to others if I’ve ever made you feel a certain way.

I say this because perfection is unattainable therefore there must be things that have done that goes beyond just annoying others.

BUT a thank you to those that have helped me both acutely or substantially. Whether it’s guiding me with words, showering me through support and love, thinking of opportunities, linking me with connections, or even saying hi. I appreciate everything ( I’m sorry if I’ve let you down) , but just know I won’t forget your thoughtfulness 😊


Don’t analyse this post too much, it’s just food for thought 😊 food for thought 💭 that touches on the power of being apologetic & thankful, and the power of recognising and acknowledging our own faults whilst understanding that perfection either from others & ourselves is ludicrous

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I have yet to make a consistent schedule of when I should post/ frequency. Any advice on how many posts I should post per week & what the best time would be?

Thanks in advance my lovely readers! 🙂


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