Hidden woman

The undiscovered hidden woman With talents yet to be discovered Her words speak with passion Her gentle heart beats like thunder The undiscovered hidden woman Behind the surface and not yet seen Though the world is yet to find and see That the hidden woman can no longer remain unseen. – A I believe that … More Hidden woman

The Unknown

The mind only knows what it has been shown Yet what is known was once unknown; Does that mean the mind will listen to what it has been told Or will the mind reach for the unknown to tell the untold? – A Put your thinking caps on. There is so much more to be … More The Unknown


Greatness is around me, Greatness is beside me Yet greatness seems to always be outside me But how silly of me, for to know and be surrounded by greatness I now know this feeling of gratefulness is my greatest gift. – A I wrote this poem a while back but it is one of my … More Greatness


When you are loved, you are adored by all When you are hated, you are nothing at all But realise it’s not the all that decides whether you will stand proud and tall Rather it’s the you that decides whether you shall rise or fall. — A