Hidden woman

The undiscovered hidden woman

With talents yet to be discovered

Her words speak with passion

Her gentle heart beats like thunder

The undiscovered hidden woman

Behind the surface and not yet seen

Though the world is yet to find and see

That the hidden woman can no longer remain unseen.

– A

I believe that everyone has something special within them. Sometimes we are not ready to face our greatest selves but it’s there, often just keeping itself dormant until the right moment presents itself.

I have so much to offer and I can’t wait to share more. I hope you have enjoyed my collection of poems thus far, there’s plenty more to come your way!

I have been posting a lot more now which is great. There was a period where I had all these ideas in my head but just couldn’t get myself to post. I want to continue to post and write because I love doing this.

Drop a comment below with your insights / recommendations of what you would like to see! Have a lovely day guys or night and remember we all have talents that are yet to be discovered. We may not even know our talents but they are there.

Be patient, persist, believe and have faith!

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