25th Birthday

I’ve turned 25 and I’m feeling _______. There are a lot of things that need to get sorted including my objectives and goals in life. I feel like I’m living a monotonous life and not fully reaching my full potential. I feel like I could be offering much more and my experiences has backing too … More 25th Birthday

The purpose and why

And so my purpose and why has gone through another roller coaster this year from being compromised by my own misdoing , from blaming people that otherwise probably didn’t deserve it – I realise now that problems are generated by perceptions and sometimes those perceptions are far from reality and closer to fiction. Again I … More The purpose and why

Not quite blue

Feeling like I need to make changes in my life. I have been incredibly lazy and out of motivation. However, I think creating a new routine is the best step forward. Waking up at 11am and sleeping around 1 am is not healthy, and by the way taking several naps throughout the day just to … More Not quite blue


Have you ever felt misunderstood or unheard? Knock knock That’s sometimes life We gotta pull our socks up and trudge through this thing called life Hmm, interesting enough I’m just rambling … I actually don’t have much to say at this point and am just typing what pops into mind. So currently in Sydney in … More Misunderstood