Why are some lucky and others are not?

What a great question. Luck seems like this mystical thing that appears out of thin air and happens to randomly fall onto the lap of a person that either deserves it or doesn’t. But what is “it”? What is luck? How can you define luck?

The thing is we often say “oh that person is so lucky” but there is so much more to luck. There is of course an outsider’s perspective on what is lucky. What an outsider may consider as lucky may not be considered as “luck” to the person themselves.

But what if you are a person that doesn’t understand how luck never favours them. Like why can’t you just randomly play the lotto once and win the money, why can’t you be discovered by someone and be something, why couldn’t you be born with a stellar voice etc?

Imagine everyone had amazing singing voices, would we appreciate talent, or would an influx of talent fizzle into no talent? For some reason each person has been designed to be different. Though we have so many similarities, especially has humankind we share emotions and behaviours across many domains, we do have our differences.

Sometimes even we don’t know what makes us special, but we have to be assured in fate and destiny that our lives have a purpose. Why else would I be born and typing this? It’s crazy that a person like me owning a laptop can reach a person like you who is now reading the words that I had been thinking and typed before publishing.

Surely this is not luck? Was it fate? What is the purpose of our paths crossing for even just a second? How was it that you came across this piece of writing and continued to read, hopefully with fascination.

I am so intrigued with fate, destiny and things being “meant to be”. Believing that luck is just luck makes luck feel so distant and further away from us experiencing it, too. However, luck is subjective and whenever you are able to consciously open your mind to your experiences.. view them as being either lucky or lessons that hold a purpose. I do understand as humans people may have a very painful past that is difficult to view it as lucky. I understand. But what if this is the beginning? What if from now things start to change? What if fate is waiting for something? Your past has already happened but your future is yet to be made by the present. Luck, fate, destiny are all nothing compared to hope.

Never lose hope because one that has hope is the lucky one. Don’t forget that. Never lose hope.

I am grateful and lucky that you are a reader to these words.

I don’t know how and why some people are naturally gifted with talents. Obviously hard work is an element that comes into factor but there are just some things that come naturally and so the question is “but why not for me?”.  

I consider myself lucky. My life has definitely been a rollercoaster and I’m sure it’s just beginning, and the journey isn’t always fun but nor is it all boring. I love to reflect on the past because my past has shaped my present.

I was thinking about my past last night. It got me thinking about the incident in 2015. By a miracle I am here living further years which I was not supposedly meant to. I thought about the people I have met 5 years on from the incident. I actually cried. I didn’t realise that living another 5 years has connected and brought so many experiences which would otherwise not have happened were it not for destiny.

Maybe you have your thoughts on luck. What are they?

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2 thoughts on “Why are some lucky and others are not?

  1. I think luck is a misnomer. I have seen happy people in all walks of life. I have seen those with “everything,” happy, and some not. I have seen people who have had very difficult lives, happy. They are at peace. I think, as I read in one place, it’s the thinking that makes what we perceive. In other words, we can be our own best friends or worst enemies. Two people, in the same situation. One falls into self sorry. The other sees opportunities. One fellow, who lost everything, was working as a waiter. A couple he knew came in, sharing their hope things would get better. Of course, he replied, they will. And they did. **I think, to a very great degree, if we’re waiting for luck, most often, it doesn’t happen. Like another explained, good luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Also, it’s a mindset.

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