Engagement over Aesthetics

I have been lazy for a while now but with dreams that go beyond the sky. I have so many plans without actions to help me reach there. I know I am talented at certain things and as strange as that sounds, one must give credit to their own passions because at the end of the day other people applauding you for something you don’t believe isn’t worthwhile.

So, with these high dreams in mind whilst being warmly covered in my blankets.. I think to myself where to go on from here. When is the right time? Why can’t I be consistent with my goals.

I am ambitious and have the grandiose ideas however I lapse into a peaceful lull disguised as a deserved break. I don’t know whether you could classify this as a lack of motivation because I have plenty of that. Maybe it’s a lack of drive or energy? Are they the same things?

After a discussion last night about time and the importance of time, I have just been brought back down to reality. Unfortunately, as each day passes, I am essentially getting older but being older doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. But the real dilemma is not taking actions when necessary.

I love to write but I don’t do it consistently. But why? I’m doing it right now and I’m wondering how come I don’t do more of it? Maybe I just need to keep going.. just write.

This year I wanted to focus on progression rather than perfection. I believe I could try harder. With WordPress I get a little side-tracked. I try to look at the aesthetics side and that is time-consuming. I do like designing but it’s not my strongest suit.

I’m going to try a new approach. I’m just going to write. I’m going to let my words shine through and give more focus to it rather than the glitz and glamour. Perhaps after a week I may go back and add fancy colours but for now I just want to make progression. Writing comes naturally to me and I never want it to feel like a chore.

I shall keep it plain and simple and hopefully super engaging!!

I am blessed to be able to write with fluency and clarity. Obviously writing is so subjective and some may not see value to it all, but it is a form of self-expression and that to me is the beauty of it all.

I hope my words are enough to attract you to listen and find enjoyment.

Do you guys feel stuck at times too? What is your advice?

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