Life is like a watch

Life is like a watch. When the ticking watch is left untouched it continues at the same pace without missing a single beat. Time will neither move slower or faster and it most definitely cannot go backwards. ⁣

The difference between life and the watch is that one is operated by a battery whilst the other is operated by a more sophisticated force. Once the battery runs out it no longer moves and remains forever frozen in time until another battery is replaced. ⁣

But true time never stops even if we have. Death may mean the end of our journey on Earth, but time continues not a second faster or slower. ⁣

When one battery dies it can easily be replaced but the expired battery no longer operates. Just like a battery, we too shall inevitably expire and lose our ability to serve our purpose. ⁣

There is no use telling the battery to live its life to the fullest because its only purpose is to make the watch tick, but you 𝘤𝘢𝘯 say live life to the fullest. ⁣

Living life to the fullest means using your time wisely. We don’t know when our internal battery will die but when it does, remember life continues with or without us so make your existence worth its time. ⁣

Someone once told me that the most important thing is to move with time otherwise all that will be left is a trail of regret. ⁣

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