Looking in

Standing out looking in,I wonder what I’ll see if i try & come inSmiles on the outside, crying on the insideQuestion time- reckon this you?’Tis true when they say we are split into twoWith fake smiles and hidden lies, this is where most seek to reside


Plastic around my headOxygen no longer spreadCold tiles on my skinAttempting to commit a sinTrying but slowly losing gripBut forced to pull and take ownership —

Faceless deaths

The faceless deathsThe rising numbersThe loss of lives taken too soon It’s the old that dieIt’s the old who have lived their livesSooner or later they were meant to dieSooner or later they were meant to fly But these faceless deathsDeaths that have just been given a numberAre more than just a number but rather … More Faceless deaths