How my eye was almost scratched

If there is anything true about life it is that life is full of changes and with those changes, life can take any turns. In a matter of seconds something life-changing can happen to you. I had this experience back in July 2019. It really did make an impression.

We go through many life-altering events or ‘almost encounters’ where if that event had taken place your life could be great or devastatingly bad.

So what was my experience? It was an innocent journey to the beach where we had settled down to have some food. I think I either had pizza or a kebab and that was almost the catalyst for disaster. My lunch could have affected my eye/ vision. Well, not quite directly.

You see, if you have ever encountered seagulls you can probably start to put the pieces together. I was with my family when we had our foods in our hands and suddenly a seagull had tried to snatch my food off me.

My reflexes kicked in and I tried to shoo away the bird but in the process, might I add everything happened so quickly, the bird had accidentally scratched me just below the eye. It had to either be from its beak or feet but all I knew then was that I was scratched. I could feel the soreness even before the mark could be visible.

I couldn’t believe how close the scratch was to perhaps affecting my vision in some way or form. Things could have gone very differently that day.

These seagulls were everywhere and as I sat eating my lunch very consciously of the birds around me I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was. Imagine if that bird really had caused serious damage?

Just 2 seconds ago nothing would have happened and a second later the course of my life would be different. Most definitely I would need to go to the optometrist, have checks and follow-up checks etc. But just like nothing had happened, lunch was finished and my hunger had vanished. Back to the beach it would be.

Sometimes we aren’t fortunate and anything that could go wrong may does go wrong. Just take my case, 3 outcomes could have happened that day- serious, temporary or just a minor result . Luckily for me it was the latter.. a scratch that would disappear after a day or two.. three at most.

Freaky events like accident with people injuring themselves badly just by falling off the bed in the middle of the night just reminds us that life is so fragile.

This actually happened to someone very close in our family and the injuries were devastating. How does something so minor like a bed fall cause so many problems resulting in the need for multiple surgeries?

Have any of you had near experiences that could have changed the course of your life or have you actually had issues because of a misfortunate occurrence? Or do you know of anyone else? Curious to know, drop a comment and share your experiences!

I guess I will never forget my innocent trip to the beach.

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