Greatness is around me,

Greatness is beside me

Yet greatness seems to always be outside me

But how silly of me, for to know and be surrounded by greatness

I now know this feeling of gratefulness is my greatest gift.

– A

I wrote this poem a while back but it is one of my favourites. You see.. I never really saw too much value in myself or had much belief. I always thought, and most of the time it would be at a subconscious level, that others were better than me. I always compared myself and this was damaging for my self-growth.

It’s not that I didn’t value myself.. it was more towards not having belief within myself. A slight difference. As life experiences would have it I learnt valuable lessons including.. what you say quietly to yourself are things that you begin to believe.

I realised that each person has their own talents but as soon as you question yours by looking at others you stop your opportunity to grow.

I have so many things to be grateful for but I had never truly opened my eyes.

If you are reading this I hope you believe in yourself. If you had told little me that I would achieve the things I have done so far I wouldn’t have believed you.

Confidence begins with belief and belief is possible. Let yourself love yourself.

Remember.. the ability to feel grateful is a greatness in itself!

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