The POWER of words.

It’s absolutely crazy to think just 26 letters from the alphabet can evoke certain feelings and emotions.

The best writers don’t get additional letters but rather they know how to arrange words together to make the perfect sentence. A perfect sentence is a sentence that has been thoughtfully considered with each word holding its own strength. 

A single word can change the entire sentence’s purpose. I choose my words quite carefully knowing that these 26 letters, which I have been blessed to learn and understand, has the power to shift mountains. 

Something that has been written beautifully & evocatively has the ability to resonate with so many. But the truth is, using complicated words doesn’t necesarrily make you a better writer, a good writer knows what words fit like a missing puzzle piece. Now, I’m not insinuating that my writing is top level but it comes from the heart. This is what makes me confident and satisfied with myself. 

Anything that comes from the heart bleeds authenticity. Sometimes I write for myself, sometimes I write for my audience but what I love to do most is to blend these together, so you and I have common ground. 

The wind against my hair is like writing words from the alphabet, but how?

Think of it as making a smoothie- you have your different elements such as strawberries, raspberries, mango, banana and milk which you can blend. Once you flick the blend suddenly a different texture, consistency and even colour emerges. I want my words to create something sparkling. 

When we relate to someone, we establish some form of attachment. I want our bond to be mutually beneficial. Sometimes I want to challenge you, sometimes I want you to think outside the box, other times I want you to feel different emotions but I truly love my ability to sympathise and empathise.

Other times I will just write for myself.

I may not do it well but it’s okay because nobody is perfect- you do what you can with what you have and if you don’t have what you want then create what you don’t have. 

What I have learnt is that people act and behave the way they do because of their deep-rooted beliefs/ experiences, even me! I have always been fascinated with psychology and human behaviour, so much so that I partially explored a degree into psychology.

BUT.. I realised that my interest in psychology could be fostered outside the academic box, so I took another career path, although what I am doing academically doesn’t define me. 

But it is my love for understanding and my love for writing that I choose my precious 26 letters to make a difference. 

Many of you click on my posts and click right off.. but if you’re still reading thus far, I’m truly grateful for you as my 26 letters have engaged you. 

I’ve touched on a couple of things which I feel like further posts should delve into more, but that’s for another time! 

Is it alright if I can humbly request for suggestions, topics, what you’d like to hear etc because I want to write posts that resonate with people.

It is precious readers, such as yourselves, that guide me. 

Maybe you have something in mind but you don’t want to ask publicly.. no worries, drop a message through my email.. I’d happily respond & write a blog post that doesn’t reveal your identity.

It has been a pleasure typing different letters, making words, arranging it carefully in a sentence and finally making it meaningful. 

Thank you for your presence. 

I wonder what my next blog post will be- the next letters I use in my next post can be influenced by you, how amazing! 

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