A birthday wish like no other!

23 is the number I will be saying until the next year comes. It’s my birthday today & how blessed I am to be blessed with all your kind wishes. Every year or as far as I can remember, blowing out the candles is considered to be quite special- you get to ask the universe for what you’d like.

I remember for a couple of birthdays I wished for health & happiness while other times I actually requested for things that I didn’t have. I do recall… one of my birthday wishes was that there would be world peace. Has it come into fruition?… hmm, it’s a work in progress!

BUT this year I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I have never done this before. They say not to tell your wishes out loud otherwise it won’t come true. Well what I have to say as I blow that one candle was already written on the cake itself.


I don’t want to ask for anything more than I have already received, instead this year I want to acknowledge all that I have been blessed with. Today is not about wanting but rather being in the moment to appreciate everything around me.

To my friends & family that pondered why I had written ‘Thank you’ on my cake.. well now you know! The secret is out of the bag!

Actually, there was one other thought… when we place candles on our cakes, why do we blow them out? Any guesses?

I’m not sure but I think I’ll keep that one tradition, at least for this year!

As I turn another year older, I hope I’m a little bit wiser… wiser to understand that life is not only about blowing candles but rather making the candles count.

For what I had been given, I say thankyou

For what I have now, I say thankyou.

For what may come to me in the future, I say thankyou.

Thankyou to my family.

Thank you to my friends.

Thankyou to the universe.

May I cut you a slice of some coffee infused tiramisu cake?

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