COVID-19: The luxurious life.

Who would have thought that 2020 would turn out to be this shit?

 I certainly didn’t, or at least I had never imagined it to be so crazy. I thought the year 2020 would be special, partly because we were heading into a new decade, but it also sounds so very different to say ‘2020’ as opposed to ‘2019’. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

Whilst I do want to be positive, I definitely know when not to sugar-coat something. It is quite serious.

 We live in a world that is CONSTANTLY bustling with people going to work, going on holidays, having fun and whatnot. It is not to say that before the Corona Virus everything was picture-perfect, although you could fool yourself because honestly, this has truly caused too much disruption.

Now, whether you think this has blown up to be more than it actually is or not, the reality is that the virus has definitely done damage and the tragic news is it’s going to get much, much worse before the sky shows a glimmer of sunshine. I don’t want to project negative vibes but being real about the situation is the best way to taking progressive steps. Being realistic and having a negative viewpoint doesn’t always correlate. Sometimes it’s better to have your rose-coloured glasses off and assess everything.

Be realistic, be hopeful and realise that whilst this situation sucks, the future doesn’t have to be.

This very moment, this very moment in which you are reading these words could be the moment in which you decide to say “HEY, you know what, I’m not going to let this sh** bring me down. I’m going to do everything in my power to stay afloat and hopeful”

It may take time but try your ultimate best to do your best in this yucky situation. We are all doing it tough, some harder than others but no-one has benefited from this. My “tough” could perhaps be nothing to you but someone else’s “tough” may be too tough.

At the moment, everyone is in a volatile position with so much uncertainties ahead with mass job losses and a huge downturn in our economy, regardless of which country you are living in.

This is definitely not restricted to one place and it is important to realise that no country is safe. Being cautious at the moment is our biggest weapon against this invisible fight.

Everything I’ve written above is not anything new or profound, everyone is aware of the implications that have resulted from this.

So, I ask myself .. what is there to be learnt or what have I observed from this CHAOS?

Well interestingly, the differentiation between luxury and necessity has been something in which people are truly beginning to realise. As our government becomes stricter and stricter & as the cases become more overwhelming and sophisticated, the implications on daily life are TRULY felt.

The truth is… we have had the privilege of living the luxurious life.

 Hold on- I actually don’t know who my readers are or will be, so I am mindful that not everyone has the accessibility to experience or do some of the things I am about to say, etc.

 But if you had been living this lifestyle previously or up until now, you can definitely appreciate where I’m coming from.

And to those that hadn’t considered themselves to be living a “luxurious life,” you may now encounter more people who can somewhat, although not quite completely/ fractionally, relate to you, especially in this COVID-19 period.

I personally consider many things in life as a luxury. If I could define a luxury, I would say it is something that is unnecessary or not crucial. A luxury is something that one can choose but honestly, it’s not something that one should feel entitled to. That is quite a bold statement to make, but it’s true. We are actually not entitled to many things even if we think our hard work earns it. It’s a tricky one to explain but I think you can understand what I mean.

So, living the luxurious life as we know it is no longer the same. It may depend on many things like whether the virus has impacted your job, home, mental health, etc, etc.

Going to concerts, doing our nails, having a nice hairstyle, owning a fancy car, having an expensive watch, etc. are things that are unnecessary for our survival. Some of us have become so dependent on these things that we often think it is a necessity.

And oh boy, how far from the truth. If you don’t do your nails, will you die? If you don’t go to your favourite concert, are you going to struggle to breathe?

Well, what about water? Can you live without water?? If someone offered unlimited cash but denied you of accessing or drinking even a drop of water, what would you say? And that’s any form of liquid that allows you to stay hydrated.

You see, sometimes even a drop of water is MORE essential than anything else. So how does this link with the infamous Corona Virus?

Well with the nature of the virus being so contagious, we are being limited to many things. I think we are now beginning to realise how privileged we were living…even with luxurious things that we never considered to be a luxury.

Look, I’m not saying that luxuries are not meant to be pursued, that’s definitely not what I’m saying. Everyone has free will to work hard and choose how we spend our money. I definitely splurge on luxurious things, but I also appreciate what matters most, and I’m sure you do too.

I AM A BIG CULPRIT OF THE UNESSENTIALS, this is not a rant but rather an observation in general, including for myself. It’s a learning journey.

But I think we can both agree that being in this history-making moment has opened our eyes in realising that we have held many things for granted; not only things but also people. I’m tucked in bed as I write this, but I miss seeing my friends and family at my own will but for the time being it’s for everyone’s health.

I think everyone has heard this before- having an expensive watch doesn’t make time go slower, pause or move faster; having an expensive car doesn’t mean that the destination is better- so why are so fixated???

I don’t know if your country is going crazy over toilet papers but where I am living it feels like having a hold of a pack of toilet rolls is like purchasing gold or diamond. Literally, there are all stocked out and limitations have even been enforced.

LIKE OMG– who would have thought toilet paper would be so much of worth. I guess in times such as these the picture becomes clearer. For some, that picture will show what is a necessity and what is a luxury.

There are 3 necessities in my life- Family, Faith, Friends. If I’m blessed with these then I have the foundation to trigger my lips to smile, even in this crap situation.

But if there’s anyone that wants to offer some toilet paper, that wouldn’t hurt .. hahahaha.

But on a serious note- I hope toilet paper isn’t your number 1 priority.

I’ll end with a joke I heard on TikTok:

“Why is everyone going crazy over toilet paper?”

“Because Corona is scaring the shit out of everyone”.

Remember- we are all responsible for each other’s health. Stay safe and stay blessed!



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