Why is confidence so confusingly puzzling ?

Okay- first things first. Let’s establish something on the get go. Do you believe that one is born with confidence or confidence can be attained?

Let me stop you right about now. I actually don’t want to hear your answer because the truth and reality is confidence CAN be built.

Confidence is always subjective. It’s what it feels like and not what it appears to be. There is no right or wrong answer.

I’m making 2 different assumptions about you. Either you feel confident or you don’t. Ok, let’s just add a third option- you could be on the fence.

Confidence is not something that smacks you in the face & screams at you “YOU HAVE TO BE CONFIDENT”.

Let’s rewind for a bit- what is confidence anyways?? What does confidence look like to you?

Let me tell you how I’d answer that very, very subjective question.

Confidence is being comfortable in your shoes. How simple is that? My goodness, if you are not comfortable in your shoes, you will be travelling  with blisters for the rest of your life. Yeah, sure you’d be travelling but you will never feel the freedom without that painful pain.

Being awkward is just the beginning…

If you cannot go through life without expressing the true you, then what’s the point? Honestly, it’s exhausting, and you know it!

Perhaps you don’t know the “true you”… that’s for another blogpost.. some other time!

Don’t lie to yourself, you’re tired enough already putting that face on for others.

Confidence comes when doing the things that push you, doing things that challenge you BUT more importantly DOING the things that flicker that fire in the belly.

Are you a stunner at doing make-up? Ever had wanted to start a channel and just do what you love? Well- why the F*** not?? Are you crazy- like some people don’t like doing things but there you are.. sitting, afraid thinking about what others think of you. You’re crazy, get that magic brush, create that channel and show the world your magic. I know you want it because you love it and it encompasses you.

Like what’s the worst S*** that can happen? You don’t get enough views, you get dislikes, you get bad comments?? Well F*** them keyboard warriors because all they are, are invisible people you just give you negative vibes.

Love what you do and do it for you . ONLY YOU. ONLY YOU. If you are wanting to do something for others, that’s beautiful but you need to feel it within yourself first.. then your impact for others will amaze you.
And if your love for what you do is felt by others, that’s a bonus, NOT a must. Remember you followed your passion and that’s

Okay, maybe make-up isn’t your thing, maybe you like writing, just like me. What’s stopping you silly? Obviously, you’re reading this on some technological thingo or whatnot so you definitely can do it, too. Perhaps there is a limitation, I dunno but if you love it then you’ll find a way.

Want to be a sportsperson? TRY. Whatever it may be..  give it a go and don’t be afraid of others. I always say, you are the holder of your reality. You create things in your head and that’s what becomes reality. THINK about that silly. Those incessant conversations may be doing you harm.

Why are you not giving yourself the permission to feel and be confident?

OKAY.. so what about me?

Do I consider myself confident? ABSOLUTELY. Do I see myself as a chameleon? 110%
What am I talking about?

I change, I’m always changing.

The environment around me changes and so do I. If you want the truth, confidence is never at the same level. Yeah, I could be confident at public speaking but that doesn’t mean I’m confident with everything. Being confident that one time doesn’t guarantee the next time to be the same but it sure does build that foundation for you to believe in yourself.

I do get scared. I do have them butterflies and thoughts that doubt my worth and ability. I’m human but I also know that you either push or you stay where you are at.

There’s so much to learn and do, and I could always be more confident. I just want to emphasise, I AM ONLY AS CONFIDENT AS MY MIND ALLOWS ME TO BE. Good thing for all of us is that the mind is malleable.

Do you want proof of how far I’ve come? I’m not just talking Sh**. I’ve done some crazy things in the recent years. I entered a beauty pageant where I had to speak in front of many people. GOSH, I was scared and trembling.

I’ve created a YouTube Channel. That’s not easy. But you know what, I don’t care. I care about what I have to offer and what my intentions are.. & I TRULY believe my intentions are in alignment with my vision.

The coolest thing I’ve done this month is speaking at a TEDx event. How amazing is that? From a girl that stood up in that pageant almost S****** herself to that person that stood up confidently and spoke about ‘The subconscious mind’. I can’t wait to share that video once it releases because I’m not afraid.. in fact I honestly believe that it is worth listening to.

You don’t need to be loud to be confident. You don’t need to be the centre of something to be confident. All you need to be is comfortable, like truly comfortable in your shoes.  

I don’t know your dreams but what I do know is that if you are afraid then confidence will find it hard to manifest in you. Confidence breeds confidence. How do you get confidence… have a go!

I know I went rambling.. but there are serious questions that you need to ask yourself. That infamous “Why?” In future posts yet to come, prepare to be challenged with my questions, questions that you have never asked yourself, questions that you were afraid to answer. I’m not going to let you go off that easily.. if you think you have fooled me, you’re kidding yourself. I know it’s not easy.. BUT I’ll help you to be more confident, to back yourself up. If I can, you can too. Why do people say that anyways?? It must be true..

Keep tagging along in this journey and don’t hop off that train because our journey is just beginning! Of course that train requires a ticket and luckily for you I’m not charging you a cent- just subscribe. You wouldn’t want to miss a moment!

UNTIL NEXT TIME my blossoming readers,


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