I LOVE this book!

I don’t normally have a “favourite book” but honestly this is hands down my most favourite read thus far 😍.

Let’s see if you love this book as much as I do!

Everything is articulated in a complex yet clever manner with thought-provoking concepts. Not only does it expand your consciousness but it really hammers on about “the egoic-self.”

Some of the things that were written in the book were truly thoughts that had been developing in my mind prior to my read, and as each page was turned my perception of reality was reaffirmed.

Hats off to Eckhart Tolle who has incredibly condensed the wealth of knowledge and wisdom in such a concise and sophisticated manner. It is absolutely phenomenal to think that consciousness can reach scary new heights with just the power of Being. I am- that’s it!

Acceptance. Enjoyment. Enthusiasm.

Please read for you too shall be awakened.

110% recommend

I would love to hear what your favourite book is & why? Perhaps you can convince me to read it too!

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