Miss Congeniality 2018- WHAT an experience!!

When I placed an application to be a part of Mr/Mrs & Miss Nepal Oceania I never expected to get a response back. It was just a random idea so when I received a call back I was slightly shocked but also excited!⁣

I remember it quite distinctively as I was studying for my uni exams when the phone call came. It was an unsaved number and I was contemplating on whether to pick up the call or not, and obviously I did. ⁣

HOWEVER, there was a small of $XXX & at that time I was really short on money. I was practically unemployed too. I didn’t have enough, so I thought. I didn’t want to ask my parents for it as this was something extra I wanted to do. ⁣

I had two choices- pass this wonderful opportunity or find money. I chose the latter. ⁣ So, I went home that evening and opened one of the 2 money boxes which I had saved from my waitressing days and you would not believe this- I had almost exactly the amount needed and a bit more to spare! ⁣

This had to be a sign. ⁣

Was it just coincidental or fate?

Sometimes you may find yourself at a crossroad with some sort of a gut feeling to make a certain decision & for me that gut feeling was something I couldn’t ignore.

Yes sure.. it was a difficult decision, especially because of the financial circumstance & the commitment required/ time needed away from my daily life but these things don’t always come around twice.

So now you may ask.. where did this random idea come from? WELL… before that let me tell you I had applied when the application date was supposed to be closed that same day! How coincidental, or is it fate working behind closed doors?

Anyways, back to the question- the random idea. If I look back in hindsight I guess I had been searching for ways to get a platform. Whilst I was studying these thoughts about being in the public eye was probably bubbling away in my mind.

This is literally how it went.. I went on FB and searched.

I had family friends that had been in similar competitions so that too must have been somewhere in my mind about wanting to join something similar too.

That online search certainly changed my experience a lot!

I’m so glad that I didn’t let a moment of hesitancy stop me from really challenging myself. ⁣

I honestly learnt a lot- how to “Walk” how to “talk” etc..

How’s our pose?

I had the opportunity to meet fellow contestants and be wowed by their talents, the pleasure of being mentored by former Miss Nepal winner Malvika Subba, the pleasure of wearing a lovely pink gown designed by Manish Rai, the very talented make-up artist Saru and of course the amazing trainers/coaches- Sunita, Bhoma, Tek & Bhim who had offered their time, support & love. A special thanks to my friend Sandy too who drove us after my uni exams had finished to the first make-up session. Also thanks to Sandy (again) & Pam who helped with the gown measurements that needed to be provided to Manish.

These may be just names to you readers but they all played an integral part in the journey!

I’m all the way on left hand side looking at my fellow lovely ladies

On the night you had to perform an introductory speech & I think that was restricted to around 60 seconds & literally I ignored that.. I went to speak for around 2-3 mins (I think). The reason was I didn’t come into the competition wanting and hoping to win the title but rather I wanted to have a voice & of course I grabbed my opportunity.

Maybe I should feel bad for exceeding my time?

I took in every moment that I was on stage for.. sure I was nervous but in the end it was an experience.

But I must admit after the catwalk, cultural round, speech etc, you feel sort of entitled. I recognised this feeling on the night and I intentionally reminded myself the reason to why I had applied- to have a voice.

Anyways.. when they were announcing the top 5 (I think) for each category.. it’s interesting how as part of human nature you kind of become competitive. There is that desire to win something & that night definitely gave me a tangible reward.

I won the title of Miss Oceania 2018! But more than anything I was proud of my efforts. Isn’t that all you can ask for? So, what if I didn’t win anything? That doesn’t make me any less of a person. In fact, a non-winner can come out doing more than a person with a title.

Trophy or no trophy I was a winner the day I made the decision to participate

I say that a title is just a title BUT it’s what you do with that title that matters. There is no point having a trophy that has a potential to impact so many people, yet you do nothing with it.

It is one of the best decisions I have made & I’m blessed to have had family and friends support me through it all.

I most definitely have to give a massive shout out to my parents & long-time friend Amrita & her friend Jacqui too… for giving me their precious time and attending that night.

The 4 gems that attended that night!

Here’s a link below of my introductory speech from the night itself:

Feel free to explore my YouTube channel and find my post press-meet interview!

Comment below if you have done anything exciting recently..

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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