Mirror Mirror

I wonder if the mirrors lie to us That face we see in front of us Is it really what we look like Or just a fictitious character created by our thoughts? But aren’t our thoughts either polluted or nourished? Polluted with other people’s criticisms Or nourished with other people’s adorations But it is those … More Mirror Mirror

Men do cry

⁣Strong and masculine ⁣ Wear that tie and hide your cry, ⁣ Stand tall and tough ⁣ Talk and walk like there’s nothing to hide, ⁣ Say your goodbye, walk that talk, remove your tie and resume your cry ⁣ ⁣ – Atina ⁣ So often we think that men are the tough ones who … More Men do cry

Ugly teeth?

It’s funny how someone else can be more concerned about your “flaws” than yourself. I took a screenshot of this photo (2015) shortly after replying because I knew one day I would be able to say this- you are not what others say your are. So my teeth are described as “damn ugly”. This comment … More Ugly teeth?