Imagine if the world was just a construct created by the mind based on what you believe it to be.

The presentations we make and replay inside us are then projected in front of you and this is “life”. What if all our thoughts, interpretations and analysis of those around us are fictional and just merely nothing but a performance.

Drama is not created from nothingness but rather we create the drama by viewing and directing our focus to things that are just simply unnecessary.

Don’t confuse real life drama with entertainment.. that’s why you have TV

They say ignorance is a bliss, but bliss is not from the presence of ignorance but rather the realisation that certain matters need not receive the attention given.

Why do we focus on simple issues that can easily be mended but instead we pour lemon/ salt on cut skin or even scratch the blackboard with our nails?

Do we want to create a performance in front of our eyes to give us entertainment and drama? Can’t we not remain to be in solace and have satisfaction through simplicity?

I guess the ego-self can answer these questions because ego surfaces when we seek drama and feel the need for superiority.

How is the performance of life through your eyes. Is it drama-less or filled with drama, but which do you prefer and why?

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