Meth- Society Constricts

Those that are addicted to meth

Will feel the struggle needed to just get a breath 

 For we were told to live like the rest 

The rest who think they know the best;

But it is the rest that drives us to the meth 

Where this society does not want us to have the best 

Rather they pull and shove the visionaries to death 

Those that were once happy but became truly depressed. 


BUT… don’t forget that we are a part of society too !

Blaming society for everything won’t solve anything. Rather knowing that you have the power to influence will change our society through shifting stubborn attitudes.

Strive to encourage others with their dreams, and let this be contagious. Hopefully everyone catches on and all were left with is genuine feelings to help others.

When we encourage others and want the best for them, we feel good about ourselves too and our dreams becomes easier to achieve. It’s a collective effort.

Society is bad if we are bad. Society can be good if we all choose to be good. What is your definition of ‘good’?

People can try & push you off your path but it’s your job to hold ground and turn around and go again- dream.

Fear of Success and Fear of Failure- strange how these fears can cause one person to act a certain way that is different to another person with that exact same fear.

If anything is to be learnt, remember this- You are a dreamer who has the right to dream whatever you wish to dream. Don’t you dare let anyone take that away from you- it’s your birthright!

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