Happy Father’s Day BWA

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  

Maya Angelou — ‘I‘ve learned that people will forget what you saidpeople will forget what you didbut people will never forget how you made them feel.’

You inspire me to be someone great because you are great yourself!

I tried to think of a gift to give you today, something different and unique and what better way than to show you my love through words. 

I hope, as Maya has said, that this will make you feel appreciated on your special day. 

This is written especially for you: 

Happy Father’s Day. How can I start? We have known each other for more than 22 years and how times flies! They say quality is greater than quantity and I think our relationship as father and daughter is the best one ever. I don’t think I could ask for a better Dad than you because the constant support, love and care that you give me is not physically measurable.

How can you quantify love? I guess I can try my best. 

I want you know that even if I don’t always say to you how much I appreciate you, I want you to know that your presence makes a big difference in my life.

Watching The Lion King with you made me realise having a strong fatherly figure makes such a difference in my life. Like the wise words that Mufasa says to his son Simba, you’re wise words and advice will forever be etched into my mind.

Thank you!

You never give up even when I lose faith in myself. You guide when at times all I want to do is give up. You always find the right words to say during times tough moments. Nobody is perfect nor should they be expected to feel they need to be but in my eyes you have set a pretty strong standard!

I’m currently writing this in an empty tutorial room with tears rolling down because I reflect on the precious memories. I know I’m not the easiest to be around and sometimes my strong opinions creates arguments, but our debates are definitely challenging and opens doors for self-growth. 

Not everyone has the luck to have such a person like you. Somehow, I was born into family that cares for me and wants the best for me. There has never been moment in my life where I didn’t feel loved. 

Sometimes I don’t feel that I deserve everything I have in my life because I am truly blessed. Call it luck, call it destiny but either way my life is better with you in it. 

I wish to make you proud to the best of my abilities because I am proud of who you are. You are not only kind, but you are helpful to those around up. You try to bring others up and help them grow without a second thought. 

This year I wanted to write because I know through writing I can express more than any other gift, also is economically wise hahahah. 

There are some key moments in my life I will never forget where I doubted my studies , health was not always best, and my motivation was beneath the ground but you were always there to keep me afloat. 

Today I want to simply repeat Happy Father’s Day (& don’t worry Mum, your post will come soon too so don’t be jealous, LOL) but more than that I hope that you can understand how much I love you. 

I love you Dad. I appreciate everything you do. 

I have the best Dad and I’m proud to publicly say this because it’s the truth. 

Love you not just today but everyday! Our entire family appreciate & love you!

Mummy & your 3 children with the greatest man!

Thank you and lots of love from your favourite child (HAHAHAH). 

I’m grateful, thankful and blessed with a father like you!

Thank you & lots of love from your favourite child (HAHAHAH). 

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