The real me- Outspoken

I cannot deny that I had unresolved issues;

My thoughts had already taken me to places,

Places where I imagined and planned to fall

For all these tears cried like a waterfall

But today these emotions no longer stay unspoken

And now I’m the real me- outspoken.

— Atina

The best thing you can do for yourself and for your peace of mind is to resolve the issues in your life. You can only avoid it for so long but it will eventually come back to haunt you.

Think about it, you don’t want a bandaid solution when the wound requires something else.

Whether it being taking time off to cry it all out or speaking about it/ writing your thoughts down.. you must realise that suppressing emotions leads to an over-flowing glass that is toxic.

We fall to get back up and then fall again but we must get up again. It’s like a baby learning how to walk- they fall multiple times before they no longer need to think about it. It sucks to fall, I must admit!

Some problems are long-lasting and some are temporary. It’s the long-lasting ones that are a difficult hurdle to overcome but it is possible. BUT realise that the temporary problems are also issues that can lead to a mammoth dilemma.

Emotions are weird. Sometimes they burst even without our permission. We get emotional about things that may not even need that reaction or sometimes we have a lack of emotion in situations that seem appropriate.

I don’t know.. I’m no expert but I know that expressing the feelings that make you feel shit actually makes you feel lighter and better. Try it out if you have an issue.

You may tell me you don’t have the support system like friends and family BUT let me give you ideas- write it down. This is a form of letting the emotions out into the universe.

Watch some motivational videos, let someone who you don’t know but has great positive advice guide you into a positive zone. And of course, read some books.. books are just an extension to people’s thoughts so actually you are almost having a conversation.

Just now I have given some options but there are definitely more alternatives.. what about drawing, painting, dancing, singing, etc.,

What do you think- is it worth having unresolved issues OR is having resolved problems the way to go??

One thought on “The real me- Outspoken

  1. I guess, you can never really have a life, without problems in it. No matter where you’re in your life, something or the other, might just go in a way, you’d never expect.
    And like you said, it does help to write. For you feel better. But well, that also tells you, that you’re rather lonely and have no one who would listen to you. I know this, because i’ve felt the same. But indeed, writing does help, but it would be better if you had someone, you could just hug, in your worst times. And talk to 🙂
    And I guess, pursuing some form of art also might help. You’re quite wise, yet you seem rather goofy. It’s a cute combination. I liked reading you!

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