The Unreal

What if my mind has made stories What if my mind has played these stories over and over What if my mind can’t tell what is real or unreal What if the real was just another story that only seems to play and replay A story that plays over and over with a mind that … More The Unreal

Mirror Mirror

I wonder if the mirrors lie to us That face we see in front of us Is it really what we look like Or just a fictitious character created by our thoughts? But aren’t our thoughts either polluted or nourished? Polluted with other people’s criticisms Or nourished with other people’s adorations But it is those … More Mirror Mirror

Men do cry

⁣Strong and masculine ⁣ Wear that tie and hide your cry, ⁣ Stand tall and tough ⁣ Talk and walk like there’s nothing to hide, ⁣ Say your goodbye, walk that talk, remove your tie and resume your cry ⁣ ⁣ – Atina ⁣ So often we think that men are the tough ones who … More Men do cry