𝐂𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐚 ⁣⁣

Like a bird that has injured its wings ⁣⁣
Like a caterpillar that is yet to fly⁣⁣
Like a plant that awaits the rain,⁣⁣
I am here, waiting for this time to pass;⁣⁣
Waiting for this time to pass⁣⁣
A time where I should be dancing in the rain⁣⁣
Twirling with joy as happily as those birds and butterflies in a warm Summer’s day ⁣⁣
But no- I am here, waiting silently for this time to pass.⁣⁣
All this waiting has slowly opened my eyes⁣⁣
My eyes that were once opened but never truly awake⁣⁣
To realise that forever being on the go is like life losing life But yes, I realise it is best now for me to stay;⁣⁣
I close the doors; I shoo away those close to me⁣⁣
I shoo away those to keep them safe⁣⁣
I have realised that the life I’ve known will never be the same;
The cruel game of Corona has certainly crushed our ways.⁣⁣
Corona, or should I call you Cowardly Corona?⁣⁣
You have stripped me of my dreams⁣⁣
You have shredded my visions into meaningless pieces⁣⁣
And now you dare to tear the strength that has ever so diligently been built year after year.⁣⁣
Just you wait, I know I have closed my doors⁣⁣
I know I have put my life on hold⁣⁣
I know my dreams and visions are set on pause⁣⁣
But at least I’m not a coward- I am ready to give a fight;⁣⁣

I will mend my wings⁣⁣
I will grow into a butterfly⁣⁣
I will stand tall with a luscious green glow⁣⁣
All that stands between the now and then is time, just you wait.⁣⁣
My dreams weren’t stripped⁣⁣
My visions aren’t torn⁣⁣
And I will never let you tackle my strength⁣⁣
My strength has only doubled behind these lonely doors.⁣⁣
Dear Cowardly Corona, I dare you to ask what the future holds ⁣⁣
I dare you to question my rightful worth⁣⁣
I have answers that will frighten you to your core⁣⁣
I have answers that will rattle you beyond belief.⁣⁣
Life after Corona, I cannot wait—⁣⁣
I appreciate everything and more⁣⁣
I now know that I am stronger than ever ⁣⁣
I now know that nothing can beat love;⁣⁣
Family, Friends, Faith- three words that have shown the light⁣⁣
A light that shows what three can do⁣⁣
A love that links us closer with time⁣⁣
I guess I was never alone, I guess I’ve learnt a worthy lesson- the power of all is better than one.⁣⁣
Life after Corona, I see a blank canvas⁣⁣
A second chance to build my dreams and visions⁣⁣
A second chance to use this experience as a compass to life⁣⁣
A compass that will lead me to blue skies filled with hope, determination, and drive.⁣⁣


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