I like to be creative & be expressive. Writing is a passion of mine & hopefully my blogs will be like a drug which causes a healthy addiction.

“I may not be perfect in your eyes but it’s my eyes that see the world” – AtinaDreams

Pretty groovy, isn’t it! (Created it myself) hahaha you should also get used to my self-flattery because YOLO & you know loving yourself doesn’t hurt!

Let’s have fun.. & see where this goes!

I like poetry, videography & many others things.. but let’s not reveal everything at once, where’s the fun in that??

Why do this?

    To offer P.I.E 🥧

1. Provoke thoughts

2. Inspire


Hope my PIE tastes good & if it doesn’t, tough luck!

Nah, just kidding, I’ll offer a refund & offer a more mouth-watering pie 🤗 & it’s on the house!

Xxx AtinaDreams 😘

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