Starting fresh before 2023

I’m making a conscious mental shift to do and be better.

One achieve I would like to share with you all is that I have published my first piece of writing on Amazon called “Finding Middle Ground: a collection of poems”.

It’s not quite polished but it’s a learning process of creation.

I’m excited to now follow my path…

There had been so many mental hurdles often created by my own mind that had stopped me or made it difficult to move forwards. Because of this I had stayed stagnant in my creative efforts.

But every creative creator knows that creativity comes in waves and sometimes you just have to ride the lows before you can experience the highs.

I want to be and do better.

Hopefully all goes well. Fingers crossed.

Thank you readers for your patience and time.

I’ll make more effort and in times I’m not active socially just know I’m riding those waves as best as I can!

Have a wonderful day!

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