25th Birthday

I’ve turned 25 and I’m feeling _______. There are a lot of things that need to get sorted including my objectives and goals in life. I feel like I’m living a monotonous life and not fully reaching my full potential. I feel like I could be offering much more and my experiences has backing too but I’m not utilising it properly.

As I get older, sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. I just want to take a nap instead and just not face reality sometimes.

My birthday this year was a really low affair. I think reaching this milestone calls for more direction and dedication in my life. There are a few areas in my life that I’m not quite satisfied with. I need to figure out how to move forwards..

25 turning 26, wow. Life certainly doesn’t wait around for anyone.

Someone wise once reminded me- don’t let life run you, you must instead run life. Right now if I am being honest, I think life is running me. I need to get back on the drivers’ seat and start steering the wheel in the direction I want it to go rather than going blindly or more accurately, letting life get too complacent.

I hope to better achieve, to have more precision in thought and to be more determined to not only start things but actually finish them too. Big reference to my uni degree. That’s something I have to dedicate time and effort to finally complete. I have been delaying this for too long. Only 3 subjects left but it feels like a massive trek towards the finish line.

I need to get a grip.. a very firm footing.. let’s see.. today I regained some ideas that has me seeing life in a more positive life. I had kind of felt hopeless in the past few months. Let’s see where life takes me or better yet let’s see where I can take life.

To 25 and beyond- cheers everyone!

Quarter century old

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