To vaccinate or not ? From anti-vaccinator to now complying

I like writing, probs no one will want to read my ramblings but you know what we are all stuck in this Covid-19 bubble so might as well get my fingers toasty by writing.

Lockdown has been hard on everyone and there is so much blaming and shaming (which I also did in my past, especially Bill Gates) but I think sometimes it’s natural to wanna blame when you have no answers. Not saying blaming is correct but this could just be a coping mechanism.

The reason and logic that got me to the position to blame good old Bill (which I no longer hold such views because I was projecting a lot of insecurities of mine and it’s not justified, btw I did a lot of blaming on other people though not required , I was been a little over exaggerated however that’s part of the illness so hopefully I get an exemption for that to maybe tell my story one day) is that because Bill holds so much power and he basically predicted this and the idea of vaccines and force really mixed unwell with the whole idea of not having a choice to your own body.

I think now I have a clearer picture. I was a strong anti-vaccinator on the premise that it was stripping away our choice however now I try not to worry about it. It is what it is.

This pandemic is so savage. Whether you are vaccinated or not , it has affected us all nonetheless. I want to say I no longer hold such strong views in my regard.

If I am to be vaccinated, then I’m not going to resist.

I’ve had a painful experience resisting with the mental health team that I now just go with the flow.

Anyways this is all just a ramble of what’s coming from head to phone.

Nothing that interesting but hopefully not boring.

Stay safe wherever you all are. My thoughts and prayers goes to all doing it tough. I hope that better news will come in the future.

Whether to vaccinate or not, I hope you make the better decision. At the end of the day I think after all the stress, blame, mistake .. we all just want to return to better normalcy and better mental health with a brighter future.

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