Have you ever felt misunderstood or unheard?

Knock knock

That’s sometimes life

We gotta pull our socks up and trudge through this thing called life

Hmm, interesting enough I’m just rambling …

I actually don’t have much to say at this point and am just typing what pops into mind.

So currently in Sydney in lockdown and I’m very bored.

Don’t have a job, staying at home doing nothing.

What is nothing anyways?

What progress does that make ?

What is progress?

Why must we progress and onto what exactly?

Why was I born and what does my existence contribute to this life ?


Just a few questions that popped into mind.

Grandma actually taught me knitting recently. I have actually been doing that. I’m making a nice pink scarf .

Maybe my subscribers and viewers can give me topics to write about. Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts !





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