Blame game

Everything in hindsight makes sense- I think I started to become unwell last year 2020 December with all the excessive posting. I had unresolved trauma from 2015 which I imploded onto anyone that even made the slightest comments. I cannot believe I let myself relapse. Now it’s time to pick up all the pieces and rebuild. It’s going to take time and a lot of rebuilding of confidence too. My confidence levels have taken a hammering and I feel like the biggest hypocrite sometimes. It’s so hard to practice what you preach.

Sometimes I think what’s the point of it all. There are moments I think I want to write a book and then I can’t be bothered.

It is maintaining and sustaining, both of which need work.

Anyways thought I’d post an update as it’s been a while. Bipolar is a serious medical condition which brings highs and lows.

Currently I’m on lower side trying to find my footing in this world that sometimes confuses me.

Honestly, when will this roller coaster of a life just have clearer directions?

Anywho, I am rambling.

Hope your day has been well. If you like my poetry collection or blogs make sure to support me by giving a subscribe and comment your thoughts.

Also- I have spoken on TedxCQU and the clip is on YouTube. Check it out peeps! Search Anita Sapkota on YouTube and I’m the first one there!

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