If I could undo a lot of posting I would

Well there was that phase where I had blamed and posted a lot. I wish I could take some things back but it is so much effort deleting everything. I did quite a lot of posting. I just want to say I was not very smart, certainly not insightful and I replayed a lot of 2015 trauma. It never really got addressed until now .

I definitely think how they detained me could have improved. I was just scared and reacted on that . Lot of the actions I had done in 2021 I did out of anger, being scared and not having a lot of insight. I blame how I was handled the first admission. I was obviously elevated and had racing thoughts but I was not abusive until they tried to force me to do things without my full understanding.

I felt like I had to do a lot of asking of questions when I just wanted to know. I’m still struggling currently but taking things slowly.

What can I say, I am ashamed of my behaviour. I should know better but this year has been tough. I wish I could retract many things.

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