Mistakes are inevitable when reaching for high goals

The journey of life is sure an interesting ride of ups and downs. Having my Facebook hacked this year made me incredibly distressed. I knew to look at the the clues and I started potentially blaming people that didn’t deserve public callouts and to that I am incredibly sorry . I know I have done some hypocritical things this year but I’m making stress management a focal point . I am ashamed at my behaviour and in future I hope I don’t relapse and have another “episode”. I put episode in quotation because I am unsure whether I was truly unwell. Maybe I was on the verge but I never got the opportunity to test my limit . I have said a lot of offensive things to my family and luckily they have forgiven me and this year I have come to appreciate the power of forgiveness and moving forwards. I hope anyone I have offended can forgive me. I am incredibly contradictory in nature because life is honestly like a see-saw.

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