I’m now claiming I am a normal person who was misdiagnosed with schizoprenia and bipolar. I was abused by the institution and that is the sickness other than than I’m normal

For 6 years I have been advocating for Bipolar but from today I am no longer going to hide. I was abused in 2015. it was traumatic because I stayed there for 6 months and then had a readmission because they found a suicide letter and they asked questions and my mistake was to cry back then. they misunderstood the suicide letter. i have been abused time and time again but now i have rejected their help and no longer taking medications officially.

i am a normal person who was abused. but now i am strong and sensitive to understand that our perspective on mental health needs to shift. there needs to be more understanding.

the real sick person is the person that sued me when i got better and out of hospital. this is the person i will be counter-suing and liberal government have been corrupted with hiding multiple sexual assault claims.

atinadreams is about choice and i choose not to vaccinate and those that tell me to, sorry it is against my will. stop telling me what to do and you guys need to change industries because your profession has been milking people like me for too long hence why i have turned vegetarian because i hate the way you treated me like a guinea pig and a lab rat.

sorry but i choose my life to be a certain way and i need no help from those that are enforcing their will over mine. would your God be proud of you for forcing people when they are begging you to stop?

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