sorry , i was just a traumatised girl that wanted recognition for her work but now i realise that i’m worth it and i can demand things in a more peace way because we are all traumatised of eachother

I’ve done a lot of thinking and forgiving and now i have faith restored to work more cooperatively and more accordingly with rules however also can challenge injustices in a more peaceful way. I was disordered in my thinking for someone people but inquiry after inquiry i always shine through like my idol selena gomez. i am authentic and i want to wish hailey beiber and justin beiber the best as well , the media have been horrendous to artist including myself and we are always pulling each other’s legs for sometimes silly reasons .

i will be graduating in human resources with a partnership in production management in theatre and i want to enter the screens one day when time allows to set records straight . it’s been a long journey but i now fully understand how hard the entertainment industry works and full credit. it is tough work being a public figure and from addison rae to charlie deamelio i know have reformed respected. i hope i can contribute my own edge in the mental health fields because that’s my expertise and i have sympathy and empathy and i apologise for my bad behaviour in the past.

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