Understanding misunderstandings

I have had an interesting life and I have earnt the position I am in as do other people. I feel like I have always behaved in an honest, authentic manner like Selena Gomez my idol for so many years. I am inspired by her conduct. Over the course of this year I have interpreted many things and whether true or not, it has been very much filled with blame but I am recognise there is certain procedures that need to be followed. I know have faith in the legal justice system to serve justice and that can be done in a more respectful and slow and steady way. I know trust that the professionals want the best for me. It was a struggle because some professionals didn’t understand my past and repeating it multiple times is exhausting however finally all links are supporting me including the police.

It would be interesting to clear some misunderstandings of 2015 but I’m most definitely ready to forgive because this journey itself has been very traumatic and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. there are so many unanswered questions i hope to have more clarification on. i have brought many people in my life and i apologise but i did also have my reasons of trauma.

i realise everyone is fighting their own battle and that is why choice is important. i’m always pro choice. i hate force and because of force i get defensive. i have anger problems which i’m slowly resolving because everyone deserves to be treated with respect including myself.

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