Validation and approval not required but hey I enjoy the audience

So after telling the professionals to fuck off they come in trio so what do I do ? I stop crying because these souls will never understand a more intellectual person than their profession so I’ll just give them what they want which is to eat the damn meds for a temporary time and reverse that spell in Nepal 🇳🇵 until then I have to be back on meds but I’m not a fan however they said if not I need to go back in hospital which I indicated is traumatic since 2015 . I think their intellect is slow so I’ll be the bigger person and do what they say but I’ll also follow up services to charge the system or institution for indecency etc . I blog because I need an outlet and I hope my journey teaches you that people struggle to understand when they don’t give you a chance first rather they would rather dominate their power of business . I love psychology but hate the psychiatric industry of pharmaceutical companies that capitalise on people’s personality . So at the same time I give them Ideas I publish my own thing to prove to you that the people you label and judge are those real heros who are forced . Anyways friends like Levi and jacob hopefully understand and we no importance in respect but also self-respect. I think I’m learning to realise these doctors just want answers to cheat so I give it on the condition I post about it therefore that power play of them being smarter is not played … if I have to eat the medication and also understand – sorry darl I think the real professional or professor is the one that took it and had to understand . Those that prescribe think they do a good job but they fail to realise they are the cause of suicides because to them it is just a job. I know better to repeat history so I will listen but also record keep to ensure my human and legal rights are also respected .

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