Symbiotic relationship

I’m just accepting I don’t need people but people need me therefore they abuse my creative contents. What do I do ? I keep a polite record and start publishing myself to have better understandings that we are all humans wanting to be accepted and understood like children growing up just want friends and not to be bullied. So simple! Why can’t miss Kamala Harris go to jail for bombing Syria – this is atrocious how she is still leading, being back a trump that gives choice to vaccinate. I don’t want to the Covid vaccine , I’d rather catch it and fight with my own immunity . Everyone is bound to get it why not build immunity power said like DR vikashananda of Nepal 🇳🇵. Natural therapy is a big asset in Nepal and unlike Australia Nepal doesn’t or at least force you to take medications you don’t want. Australia’s mental health system is still under British law and they still perceive us as criminals . In australia be need to elect a aboriginal elder as leader to truly appreciate their land and way of agriculture . Visit Nepal 🇳🇵 was halted by bill gates Covid but time will have it Nepal has its own story to tell about the political abuse facing its country since 2015 . A documentary is processing about a true story abuse of coercive control and force of almost electro-convulsive therapy which should be banned like the death penalty . Who is to decide who lives and dies , why isn’t there respectful questioning without labelling me as having disordered thoughts . Symbiotic relationship, without me they can feed their ego and maintain their jobs so I’m like bait . Might as well give em a good laugh for their money but I still demand compensation for the damages of psychological torture of detainment in prince of wales hospital back in 2015 . I won’t be made a mockery and Demi Lovato , do you take bipolar medication and what medication made you react because birdy told me that sometimes medications need to be right balance otherwise I had an epileptic fit BECAUSE of it… positing all original work inspired by myself and others because acknowledging is important and I encourage Taylor swift to remove her copyright in songs because she too is inspired by your voice … time will tell is our justice system is fair or you are going to get a second chance like Christian porter who has now apparently not gone to jail rather held another position. Hmmm, if it was a normal person their reputation and everything would make them rely on the government for money … interesting observation told by my friends as well as thoughts from me .

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