Bill gates is a clown

Dear bill gates I think it’s time that psychology and psychiatry do a mental health check on you because you and Scott Morrison are preaching some dark news during pandemic and you two are working in collusion . My friends and family and others think the same thing but they’re too respectful to say anything or actually scared . Bill gates has committed genocide and is linked with pedofiles . I demand a review to be made by the queen of England because it was her dungeon that I was sued in and now India is not happy with overhwhelming trauma. I have been through trauma and I’m telling you these people including the gates foundation and morrison government need a psych intervention because I’m now demanding all my records from those that visited me in 2015 inside hospital , my fellow accused wrongfully know that my seizures were a result of drug-induced trauma . I take abilify now but I’m not happy to take any psychiatric medication . I have a meeting tomorrow and I will discuss my concerns . The liberal party have promised to take care of me but let’s see , time will tell if Brittany Higgins and Christian porter case is solved otherwise if I’m not supported either no woman is safe in australia #justiceforanita

Tomorrow I have that meeting and I’m going to tell them I’m not happy taking drugs and I want to be prescription drugs free and try natural therapy because psychiatric is silencing method to hide atrocities.

I was destined for greatness but they cut my wings off like Angelina Jolie but still I am here truth telling and bill gates still preaches hate .

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