Seeking treatment

After consultation with key people , I am now seeking further therapy . Wish me luck in this journey, I am sorry this year was very tough for me for several reasons relating to main issue 2015 . I have trust issues and I will now professionally seek treatment and also I am fighting a legal case of 2015 prince of wales who sued me .

I just want an apology from him and I’m good . I have already comes to terms but I do want compensation. My lawyers have indicated to me I may not get it but it is critical that my time, money and other things invested need to be repaid.

Wish me luck. Again I want to apologise for my past behaviour but before you judge me just realise I wasn’t always like this . At age 18 things changed . I became sceptical of everything because injustice was done to me. I am realising just because one person does me injustice doesn’t mean the rest of the world deserves hate . I am understanding more and more and more .

I always want to be accountable for my actions but there are reasons for my behaviour in which my Nicoles know all too well. I am mentally more stable and seeking paths that are better for me . Sorry for this turbulent journey but I promise you mental health is worth investing in because mentality is important . Support one another always 🐝 take care everyone .

I have forgiven myself and I hope you can all forgive me too because real trauma was 2015, other trauma are small yet hurtful but not the main role . If I get the opportunity to face my accused in court I want to ask questions but I have already forgiven I just need to know #why that’s all.

I’ve wasted my time and energy worrying about this and I’m happy that the chapter is slowly closing in a respectful way. We all have experienced trauma so I ask everyone to respect self and others in the process of justice .

I’m sorry for the trauma I caused people but I’m also sorry for not demanding justice however I was silenced by many people but now I’m being accountable for everything and that’s okay too. Mental health matter and everyone goes through tough times , it’s ok to ask for help in places you feel comfortable . Emdr therapy is the next path I will take. I’ve done my research and after 6 years I’m ready to relive my past traumas because I have vivid recollection of most things. Thank you for supporting during periods of uncertainty.

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