Bring back RAJANI in Nepal

Nepalese people always want peace ✌🏼 what happened to the mystery , investigations need to happen to not let history repeat itself … in australia there is a historic case with Brittany Higgins and I hope for the sake of Nepal 🇳🇵 we can solve cases like Christian porter so we can restore faith in the justice system . I have been in many domains and I have also witnessed a lot . I have witnessed trauma and suffering both first hand for 6 years since 2015 and also the suffering of others. Who am I ? I am just a student . My name is Anita Sapkota and I am only 24 yrs but time and time again I witness history repeat itself with different cases. Psychology can answer a lot of questions but psychiatry silences may of those questions . I have worried for my life in different stages but today I recognise humanity is better than my thoughts if we have respect and self-respect . It saddens me to say in 2015 I was in the middle of politics for no other reason than being a brave and ambitious girl . Even when I danced with liberals I didn’t realise I had a target on my head and I was a poster girl for abuse . I will not allow history to repeat itself and I will stand with survivors which is all of us to tell the tale of my story of survival . My name is Anita Sapkota and my story is true yet unbelievable . I love humanity but humanity needs to give this girl a chance …

🇳🇵 🇦🇺 💛🖤❤️

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