Emdr therapy

I am now seeking evidence on my case through the right processes . I am going to follow rules and regulations with a person I’m compatible and I trust . Thank you to the person that has suggested this treatment . For anyone that wants justice please just do your research. There is help and though in my past I blamed a lot of people I am now following rules to prove my case . Miss Congeniality always has solutions and this time she will be supported and she is happy and healthy knowing that although some treatment is bullshit , some treatments are great. Psychology is close to her heart and there is a reason why her past is so scattered because old trauma came all at once but she is slowly and calmly trusting again in places she feels comfortable . Wish me luck in investing in different services in order to get compensation for trauma inflicted on her . I always encourage you to do research before entering different domains and that saves a lot of time and grief. Anyways this is my story to solve and I’m grateful I’m not alone this year . Take cars everyone , have your own internal faith and be strong and healthy .

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