Accomplishing more and more seems a bit difficult to me at this stage but hopefully I will desire tasks to complete in the not-so-distant future. Right now I feel a bit lost and misguided in my journey. That’s alright.. in 2015 I overcame big trauma , surely I can do it again. I just got … More Discipline

Life is a struggle

Whether you’re rich or poor, life is difficult. However it’s the perceptive knowledge of what is rich and poor that is a determiner . You can be rich and still miserable, you can be poor and miserable – so what is happiness ? I have been feeling so restless lately perhaps due to abilify that … More Life is a struggle


What does trauma mean to you? How do you handle stress? Have you ever experienced restlessness? How do you overcome restlessness? What are some activities one can do relieve stress? Have you ever been unfairly labelled? Have you been misunderstood?