A public apology to Anita Sapkota is required nothing internal. I am doing trial by media because Australia’s justice system failed me

I expect an apology from the following:

  1. Asquith Girls high school for playing politics during my HSC
  2. Australian newspaper for putting me as poster girl front page and then removing evidence
  3. Prince of wales hospital in Sydney for psychological and psychiatric abuse
  4. Anushka shrestha for trying to silence me during my talent round (apology given and accepted)
  5. Hornsby kurringai hospital for making the comment “sensitive is not normal”
  6. For locking me for 6 months during Nepal 🇳🇵 earthquake in hospital
  7. Stripping my personality
  8. The guy that sued me in Hornsby court for spitting in his eye for drugging me
  9. Hacker hacking my creative contents in 2021

11.. The public for labelling me schizophrenic and bipolar and crazy when I was just a expressive smart innovative person

I am a victim and survivor and anyone that plays victim in my story is a fraud.

I need an official apology from the government for calculative abuse.

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