Mistaken identity – framed Miss Congeniality 2018 UNAE Anita Sapkota . Freed and accepted .

They thought I was to jump but reality was a literary symbolism mistake for a suicide attempt that locked her in hospital for 6 months where they stripped her personality and made her depressed and suppressed but now she knows the truth of the entire true narrative she has already submitted the same story to different places so her legacy will live on that she was a brave , intelligent girl that was heavily abused and misunderstood . She is Anita Sapkota Miss Congeniality 2018 UNAE Winner and she refuses to be bullied by those that call her manipulative, social climber etc because she is the woman she is based on her talents, kindness and most of all merits of achievements and she has all the proof that she is the original. Please accept her for who she is otherwise look at yourself in the mirror and asks am I jealous or happy for her and why –


Provoke thoughts not people
Entertain right domains

= P.I.E

This is the new and reformed 🥧 vegetarian

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