Governments should expose health information and share information and resources to help find out why we have problems with pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies are making unethical and unmoral money through bill gate’s Corona. Melinda gates foundation needs a closer look at ethicality . They should not promote things that are unethically done . The mentally “ill” are not your guinea pig . They are misunderstandings so please understand some are violent because you are injecting or forcing tablets that don’t agree with their natural body.

I suffered 3 weeks with prescribed medications that didn’t agree with my body. This is just an example. May or may not be relevant.

Always be calm and resist violence. Violence is never an option.

Meditating is better.

I too have had to take a break from work and uni because news is too distressing .

I have support that I trust . I hope you are healthy and calm.

Take care everyone!!

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