Biden and Kamala Harris need to stop gun abuse

Guns should be banned in America . If they cared their priority would be that. America do no know how to use weapons therefore they should not have the privilege of owning this weapons. To many young have innocently lost their life’s and also George Floyd justice is needed.

In australia Scott Morrison needs to address the sexual assault claims of Brittany Higgins and where did the attorney general go . These cases need to be peacefully resolved .

Vaccinations can come after problems are resolved otherwise it seems scomo just has intention of winning election and he doesn’t care about families other than his Jenny and also he doesn’t care about international students as they don’t get voting rights and are milked for their money and left to be mentally unhappy.

Scott knows mental health is money making factory that is why he doesn’t like Dan andrews .

We need Dan andrews to save the torture of psychiatrist abuse in hospitals public and maybe private. Both should have humane practices

Ethicality and accountability and morality for 2021 win and fairness and equality for all.

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