Why 2015 and 2021 was tough

Short key biography:

Hi everyone. First i want to say i am happy and healthy and there is no longer at this current post to be concerned about me. in the past i posted some posts that raised a few eyebrows but that was because of an initial trauma that no-one investigated for me. I felt the need to shout to the world what happened to me because my talents were being labelled as “manipulative” potentially by some.

i hated that notion therefore i tried to write my truth narrative myself and expose the reality of lies that surrounded the hospital treatment. i was initially labelled as “schizoprenic” then down graded to “bipolar” however i don’t think i’m either anymore.

for almost 6 years i acknowledged i had a mental health issue but now i’m peacefully saying that bipolar isn’t an illness and it is a fact of life for me and i don’t think i need to medicate my personality but i”m kind of forced by the hospitals or coerced.

technically by rule and law there is no force but when you go to these departments they sort of give you no choice to conform to their belief systems.

what next? i’m going to prove that my personality is vast and that is not an illness because i am both sensitive and strong in the right domains. i know how to appropriate myself when speaking to different people.

for example- when i speak to kids i speak their level and when i speak to adults i speak their level and that can appear as a change in personality by the outsider perspective but it is appropriating yourself.

i’m claiming back the knowledge i gave for free back in the days where i was kept unnecessarily and drugged.

i am a sweet person with talents and finally i’m going to use my talents to tell the world that all lives matter not just a particular race.

this writing is purposefully not grammatically perfect because today i want us to focus of the meaning rather than perfection.

thankyou for reading me and trying to understand that i’m not crazy and that i am okay. sometimes your interpretation and concerns and calling my family and inquiring stresses them out but reality is we are one big understanding family but outsiders will struggle to understand this dynamic because we are all justified though we are different.

we learn and though we make mistakes we can always be better.

have a lovely day,

written by anita sapkota from atinadreams

actively/ ambitiously treading into new adventures definitely realising everything all makes sense.

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