miss congeniality missing in action because she’s making a trio of happiness-

Miss congeniality missed opportunity to rise again.

Miss congeniality by definition is many things however not a fraud, a liar and cheat. Though these things of trauma have happened both majorly in 2015 and 2021 she still maintains her internal justice with loved ones now. Do not provoke her or else she will demand her title back.

My name is anita sapkota and I created the platform atinadreams and many of you have mocked me and today I will just clap back and just do what I do best which is vegetarian PIE.

Nicole Muer psychologist and Nicole Melidonis where my heroes who don’t probably know the real trauma faced in Prince of Wales hospital. I was terrified of getting a ECT – electroconvulsive therapy that I silence myself.

Today I realise there is no point with assholes who was the stage and claim copyright,

Copyright in this day and age is strange because we lick each other’s brain meaning we always steal and claim things that aren’t ours.

Initially I was labelled a schizophrenic person but down-graded to bipolar.

Today I saw those that look down on me you are the true brain lickers so enjoy the spotlight because miss congeniality has found her love and is making her own little human of choice through acceptance and not bullying and reverse psychology.

I am sorry to those that felt targeted by me in media as I was also a victim of fraud from my facebook account. I did try to warn but some data got deleted and others contacted.

I know politics and I don’t like politics of mental health.

Miss congeniality UNAE will tell her side of her story when SHE feels like it and in the meantime sharing was caring but you made cookies and danced like a fool so either you publicly reveal what the issue is and I will give a proper respectful reply why prince of wales hospital and your behaviour is so stark similar that I can watch you dance around anymore though I respect and hope the best for you .

Everyone should be given chance to switch positions and experience pursuit of happiness and if these words get stolen without acknowledgement of where it came from then that too is on record.

For now I am making my own things as I have been doing for about 25 years and goodbye because miss congeniality doesn’t need to always be there for you because you are not there for her when she needs you in a way that is both sensitive and strong .


ATINADREAMS is Chandrikali Sapkokta Anita so you know her and she has forgiven but never forgotten so just do better and improve through feedback,

Peace and visit Nepal 2021 hopefully is peaceful and not political .

Australia and Nepal should be more understanding rather than always misunderstanding agriculture of choice and respect and credit.

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