SURRENDER: forgiveness does happen when perceptions change that we are all sinners and judgers but we need to stop that ASAP

I’m done with everything that tries to steal. I am a selfless person and today I am still forgiving. My name is anita sapkota and I was accidentally given the name chandrikali which I was stopped in 2015 and sexually assaulted in Prince of wales hospital. No-one helped bring justice and all of you judged the girl that cried rape. You loved her and you hated her but today she has created her own little family of forgiveness and never wants history to repeat itself or else she will start demanding records front, left , centre and corner . no more backward gossiping and also we need self-respect. Stop licking her intelligence “dimak chatni hoina” dimak lai bhadauni ho meaning we lift each other.

If we want peace we need to do following:

  1. Either scott Morrison accepts defeat or we demand new leader
  2. Switzerland given back respect to Nepal that it ran away from
  3. Australia stops abusing international students and milking their money and causing rifts in families
  4. Choice to vaccinate or not and no force for anyone
  5. Czech republic needs a pay rise for respecting Nepal
  6. China deserves a clap for understanding politics and being strong
  7. North korea has hidden gems because they love their people but people hate them so change perceptions before liberation
  8. India needs to share their amazing dance moves
  9. Aboriginals need to be able to practice their culture of music and arts in Australia in every school
  10. Tibet needs to share its happiness road map rather than just the world running high on money, deceit, cheat, plagiarism, judgement
  11. Agriculture, entertainment, arts and setting records and labels straight at the beginning means we can all enjoy any type of presentation without confusion

Hope that we can be better and lead peace

“I may not be perfect in your eyes but it’s my eyes that see the world”

I am a product of you all and myself and I have been judged way too harshly so therefore I forgive you all and you need to do the same if we are to remain peaceful.

Buddha was born in Nepal.

Talk only the positives but also learn the lessons of past so not to repeat history,

We need to talk past to move present into future success of peace and forgiveness and agriculture of mind and peace .

Road map completed by

Anita Sapkota and all you people past, present and future

3/4/2021 Saturday

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