Babies are allowed to be sensitive. They are sensitive to smell, taste and noise.. just to name a few. However I was faced with a “professional” who looked me straight in the eye and told me, “sensitive is not normal” or at least being the sensitive me that I am. I actually had no proper response to that other than “Oh, wow”.

I cannot believe we live in a world where adults cannot be sensitive. I am a very emotional person- I sympathise and empathise meaning I feel many emotions on all levels of the spectrum.

One moment I can be happy as Larry but the next my eyes can be like the waterfalls of Niagra falls. I am deeply saddened by the incident. I guess the world is not ready for a person like me who feels every emotion deeply. I guess I cannot express myself without being medicated with medicine that only mask my emotions.

I like to compare myself to that of water, neutral and unaffected by the forces around it. However- even water has its limits. Oil always rises above the water so I guess if there are too many people around me who are like oil then the real me never shines through.

I tried to express myself so straightforward but when you are in the hands of professionals doing precisely their job, that can have the ability to affect your sanity. My intelligence and flare for words is what will rise above the oil that surrounds me.

The world has turned its back on me but I look towards the sea for answers and truths.

Whilst I am deeply affected by the woman’s words, I am also aware she is speaking with the knowledge she has at that given time but that necessarily doesn’t make it right. She may be right in her own way but to my standards being sensitive is more than normal. In fact, there needs to be more sensitivity to each other’s needs. Respect and sensitiveness needs to become a trend.

These are my ramblings from my last visit. The world is not ready for me yet but one day the world will see me as I am and hopefully they see a person who speaks from her heart. My past in not an indicator for my future but it sure has shaped me to become who I am today. I was judged by an incident that had happened 2015 but 2020 is not the same. I have my sanity, intelligence and most of all, an insight that will take me to new lands.

I will speak for those that cannot speak or do not know how to communicate because for people like us, the world views us differently, the world treats us differently and worst of all the world never takes a chance.

I am here for a reason and that reason will be apparent.

Bye for now! Love you all!

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